What types of Web Cameras does 3DPrinterOS support?

Currently we test 3DPrinterOS with the Logitech c910/20/30 series and the Genius Widecam 1050/F100
The majority of other web cameras should work and if you have any problems connecting please let us know.

As for the dropcam, support for that is coming, just give us some time!

What about the Raspberry Pi camera?

Hi Jim,

We do not currently support the Raspberry Pi add-on camera but it’s something we are looking into for the future. For now we support most USB connected web cameras with the Raspberry Pi instead.

Thanks for the inquiry and we will follow up with any updates on this camera issue.

Happy Printing,


Logitech C525 Works on RaspberryPi 2

The whole series of Logitec cameras was tested in the lab and should work without problems. c270, c350, c525, c910, c920, c930, etc.
The best wide angle/price/value ratio is still Genius Widecam 1050/F100 !

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Try to add support for IP Cameras/rtsp streams


This is very disappointing news. Since 3DPrinterOS doesn’t support a raspberry pi camera module I will be looking at competitors that do, such as PrintToPeer. Being able to use the camera module is of the upmost importance to me as well as others. I would hope that you guys prioritize this feature on your roadmap. I will be expressing my thoughts to John Dogru as well.

The Raspberry Pi camera is something we are considering adding in the future but at this time we have other projects with higher priority.

If you need it for a specific project we could move that timeline up. If you have any questions you can reach me personally via email or skype (username: amr05008).

+1 to Raspberry Pi original camera support (which involves Pi NoIr infrared camera as well). It is an essential accessory (already supported by non-cloud OctoPrint etc.). Thank you in advance to give it higher priority. I will be back then with my Printrbot Simple Metal for further tests. :wink:

Thank you for the feedback! We will probably add experimental support of the RPI camera this week or the next.

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That sounds great Oscar! Please keep me informed.

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Another +1 for PiCam support please.

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Thats great news but how do i make it work? I thought it would be as simple as ‘Setup Camera’ then ‘Restart Camera’ in the client software but no joy.

Anyone using a Logitech Quick Cam (V-UAP42)? It is an older webcam but I am hoping it will work. I found a bunch of them.

I am curious about this as well, have you had any luck enabling the raspberry pi camera module?

i’m using Genius 120-degree Ultra Wide Angle from Amazon, picture quality is awesome but I get a lot of drop outs in the live view… I frequently have to go into the settings and reset the camera module to see the image… Wish it was more stable…

I am using a Logitech C200 camera. The camera light turns on when I connect it to the Raspberry Pi, but when I click Live View on 3DprinterOS, all I get is a small black rectangle in the corner of the window. Has anyone had similar problems?

Hey, this happens, we are looking into the issue. HD camera is still an experimental feature.

Hello. We have fixed this small black rectangular (it was a bug when printer was offline and camera mode was hdcam). Please test it and let us know