What types of Web Cameras does 3DPrinterOS support?

Is the Raspi camera supported now on the Pi3?

I have the c920 installed in windows 10 and it’s not working. all I get is snow.

Did you try switching between Dual camera/Multi camera and resetting the camera module?

I actually got it to work now in hd mode. I’m using a small MeeGoTab computer stick that only has one usb port (used by the printer) and I was plugging into a secondary OTG type usb port. Camera started working after adding a power usb hub to the setup.

Now I have an issue with the profile live stream? while the camera works everywhere in the dashboard, when I try adding it to the live stream it reports “You have no live video to share. Please go to settings of your printer, and select a camera for the printer”

I also noticed that my dashboard profile lists wrong printers.