What printers should we add next?

There are so many different 3D Printers we want to support.
Please help us out and list the printers you would like to see us add so we can check here and make sure we working on the right ones!

We have also built an Integration Form where you can enter specific details about the printers, firmwares, and more that you would like to see integrated into 3DPrinterOS.

Click the link below to fill out the Integration Form and let us know how we can better serve your 3D printing needs!


LulzBot Mini
LulzBot TAZ

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Yes the LulzBot TAZ series!

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Lulzbot Taz
Printrbot simple metal
Makerfarm prusa

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TAZ 4/5 would be great! Nice to keep an eye on those long jobs.

F100 and F100L from IdeaBuilder would be next in line. Again long prints.

After that… what’s the process of us adding our own home brews?
We have a machine that’s 1mx1mx1m another being built that is 2mx6mx3m

Mind 2 Matter

The XYZ davinci 1.0

the manufacturer provider firmware and slicer are garbage.
It is a great price for a home unit. if it were supported it would definitely get a lot more novice users using 3dprinterOS, as this is one of the first 3dprinters some people buy when entering into the market ($500 is cheap).

I would be glad to help with any testing needed to get it supported. :smile:

If 3DprinterOS supported the Davinci XYZ 1.0A that would be great.

But that may be more difficult than it sounds as it is proprietary firmware and software.

Great printer at an affordable price.

Best wishes and continued success with 3DprinterOS.

I see that there’s no mention of M3D - Micro 3D printer which is for now the cheapest commercial 3D printer on the market.
I hope you’ll try to create some support for it, tho to it seems that M3D isn’t sharing much data for creating open-source software for M3D printer, and the only software that can be used to print is their proprietary software, for now.
Tho, in Kickstarter campaign they said that they’ll make M3D open-source… Will see… :slight_smile:

Hello! About a month ago I flashed my xyz da vinci 1.0 printer and put Repetier Firmware 0.92. Could you guys add Repetier to your supported firmwares? I signed up for 3d cloud os about 3 months ago and have been wanting to use it, it would be awesome if Repetier was supported, thanks!

Hey there!

We have added Repetier support. To select that for your printer, download and launch our latest software, make sure your printer is plugged in and turned on and navigate to your “Printers” Tab.

From there click settings and select your firmware type:

In your case, select Repetier:

and you should be good to go, any issues let us know!

The Software is not detecting my printer, it is running Repetier host. But the software is not detecting my printer. As of right now it says i cant upload images because i’m a new user, i have a few screenshots of whats happening.

UPDATE: Repetier Host finds the printer just fine, but 3DPrinterOS cant seem to find it. The Buadrate of the printer is 230400. I dont know why this isnt working.

Hey Josh, reach out to me direct at aaron@3dprinteros.com and we can hop on skype (my username is amr05008) to discuss further. Being that you have the flashed XYZ there may be some other variables we need to look at.


I would like to see the Draken from 3DFacture added but this printer is an DLP printer so it works with a projector… I would love to make it wireless with the raspberry pi

The Printrbot Play. It has basicly the same setting as the Printrbot Metal Simple but a smaller build platform (100mm x100mm x 130mm). Thank you!

xyz da vinci printer, more info printing supplier

I have 5 flashforge dreamers that i would like to try with 3DprinterOS. Will this type be added soon?

Hello Valens,
The Flashforge Dreamer is being integrated, although due to its unstable protocol, we have no timeline for it.

I can’t change the printrbot settings tot repetier host. The button doesn’t work.

Hello Mahamed,
What button are you referring to?