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Welcome to the Forum for 3DPrinterOS and thanks for dropping in!

You can use this forum to ask questions, find answers and suggest features and changes you want to see in the future.

We’re still developing like crazy so we will do our best to update questions and answers as fast as possible.

Happy Printing!

Willkommen im Forum von 3DPrinterOS!

Sie können in diesem Forum, Fragen stellen, Antworten finden und Funktionen und Änderungen eintragen, die Sie in der Zukunft sehen wollen.

Wir entwickeln immer noch wie verrückt, wir werden unser Bestes geben, Fragen und Antworten so schnell wie möglich zu beantworten.

Viel Spaß beim Drucken!

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Für Fragen in Deutsch steh ich gern zu Verfügung

This post is really helpful but I have another issue which occurs to the printer. recently I purchased a printer when I connect my printer to my laptop it shows how to read print head alignment epson error. I have no idea why this error happens and how can I solve it. so if anyone has any idea this issue then share with me and if someone also suffers from this problem then also communicate with me.

Hello peoples, I am thinking of purchasing my first 3d-printer(TronXY 2 pro)and i was wondering what printer to select when slicing as to mimic the settings as closely as possible or if that is even necessary. Thanks!

I would like to explore 3DPrinterOS but have a problem with there being no support system (other than this forum). Is there a support email or ticketing system? A public forum is not the best place for one on one support.

I can’t progress with 3DPrinterOS until there is a proper support channel.

Thank you for reaching out to us.

The forum is for non-paying customers and we do have live support for paying customers.

Please fill out this form so we can get back to you via email and schedule a call to see how we can help you:
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Hi everyone, I am new here and.Happy to be here.