Users can still start print jobs on Inactive printers

I recently set both of my managed printers to Inactive, and confirmed they were removed from my list of available printers. I was unable to send a print job to them.

Hours later, I returned to the machines and found them actively printing. Another user had executed print jobs while in the Inactive status.

How can I disable printing through the UI without having to physically turn the printers off?

Hi, Brian.

Active checkbox in printer settings hides printer only for you. It is used if you would like to hide some printer for yourself so it will not be visible in the lists. It doesn’t do anything for other users.

If you would like to remove printer for other users you need to unshare it using Workgroups.

If you just need to block printer usage for a while, without unsharing or something, we have released “Enable Maintenance” checkbox in printer settings. It will block print start for a regular users, but OrgAdmins will still be able to start the job with confirmation.
If you also want to block the queue for this printer, you can check “Enable queue” checkbox in printer settings.

Please let us know if it works for you.