Use at schools, ldap, coppa, cipa

If my school starts using this product, can my students authenticate with LDAP? (that’s standard LDAP not Microsoft’s funky implementation).

These would be school linked accounts, some ways I’ve seen this implemented would be:

  1. Provide our school with a special login page where users who log in to that page would have their credentials passed to an LDAP server. If the response is “yes all good” then the account is either created or if they already exist on your end then they are logged in.

  2. Allow me to upload a CSV file of usernames to create users, then just passwords would be checked via LDAP at login.

ALSO it would be very nice if you could include the ability to test against groups so user management, like access to certain printers, etc.

I’m not sure if the school users could also have limits on their accounts functionality to stay in compliance with COPPA and CIPA laws.