Uploading .gcodes made by other slicers? We want your feedback!

Hello dear users!

Are you interested in uploading your own sliced .gcodes (from other slicers)?

We are considering adding this feature but want to make sure this is something the community wants first. If interested please reply with Yes, or let us know in the platform with a message.

Thank you!


Yes, I would be very interested in this! I have been able to configure the 3DPrinterOS slicer to work well, but the added flexibility and compatibility will be very nice to have! I am always a fan of programs working well with other software and allowing their users to use what is most comfortable for them.

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Yes, This definitely be a useful feature.


Take a peak at the code that simplify3d makes this program have some realy good features.

Yes please. I prefer simplify3d slicer

Yes, simplify3d would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, would love this feature. Simply because with this I can run prints with custom G-Codes which is needed when testing and debugging printers.

Yes, I have been needing this for a while