Show estimated print time in slicer?

Hello forum!

I’m wondering if there is a way to display the estimated print time for a job in the slicer screen. The estimated time does show up when you send the job to a printer, but by then it is already sliced and you would have to re-slice the model if the print time was too long. It’s currently very hard to fine-tune a print’s time (for example, you want the highest quality you can get while remaining under 24 hours) with the default setup, as you would have to slice, queue, check the time, delete the job in queue, re-slice, queue, check time… you get the picture.

Is there a setting I can turn on that shows the estimated print time in the slicer? Thanks for your help!

Hello, Currently there is no easy way to do it in slicer, but you don’t need to queue to see that time, you can see it after slicer on file’s row (myprojects page, left column before datetime column)

Thank you, I hadn’t noticed that info there.