Running two printers from one raspberry?

Is it possible to connect two printers to the USB ports of my raspberry pi3 and have them both be visible through the 3DprinterOS? Or do I need a seperate Pi for each printer?

This works, go ahead!

It’s working great! Running both right now. Loving the interface.

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That’s more that great to hear!

3DPrinterOS cloud client software is not limiting the number of simultaneous printers on any platform Windows/Linux/MAC/RPi. I have seen people attaching up to 6 same type printers to one Raspberry Pi using an USB hub and up to 3 different types of printers.

Just tried this with two 3D40 printers and it only recognizes one of them. The weird thing though is that if I unplug one of them and plug the other one, the name it takes is exactly the same. My suspicion is that it detects the printer given certain attributes coming from libusb that make the printers look like the same one to the 3DPrinterOS client.

I am available to debug and fix the issue M-F after 18:00 CST or weekends

Hello. Yes, it is a known issue. Dremels 3D20/3D40/3D45 have no unique serial number on USB connection. We have discussed different ways of fixings that, but currently only one of this printers can work by USB with 3DPrinterOS client.

But for Dremels 3D40/3D45 alternatively (and I think it is a preferred way) you can use connection by token from printers settings menu (TOOLS -> Settings -> CLOUDS -> DREMEL PRINT). This way you don’t need RPI (or have running separate 3DPrinterOS client) at all

Hi, yes, but, although preferred method is the onboard client, my goal was to add a camera to my 3D40s. Any approach you can think of is welcome, even if I have to modify some configuration file or the code itself

Besides, I am wondering how multiple printers and cameras work when connected to a single client. How does the client tells apart which camera is from which printer?

You can select in printer’s setting on cloud which camera you want to show for that printer

I will discuss it with our team. Modifying of client’s code is not hard, but it is not good solution

Any pointers as of how could we workaround or fix the issue? I have some time I can dedicate to the issue this weekend, it’d be easier if I can have some pointers though

Hello. We are going to release a new 3DPrinterOS client (python3) with a new RPI image this week in dev environment. It will have ability to connect multiple Dremel printers with USB to one RPI. If you would like we can send you a link for testing new RPI image (beta version for now)

Yes, that would be great, I’d really appreciate it

Hi, I’m not sure if the image is ready yet, I’d appreciate if you could send me a link to it for testing and error reporting

Hi, are there any updates on the new image?

Hello. Yes, sorry for delay. It took time for internal tests. Here is current RPI image link (warning: image could be updated any time; it is still in development) for beta testing It is generic RPI image (RPI 4 supported; new 3DPrinterOS client on python 3).

If you will have time to test that image, then in client’s web interface -> Settings -> Switch to new style SNR (to enable a new logic for serial number detection, that is used to connect more then one dremel to one rpi)

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It does work, in the RPi UI it only shows one (The last one detected) but in the Cloud UI it shows both.

The image though seems a little unstable, I had to restart the Pi several times to get it working because whenever I connected everything at once it crashed and no SSH connection was possible. In the end I had to plug-in thing by thing.

Only caveat for me though is that Dremel printers with the latest Firmware are shown as offline. There’s another thread on which I comment about this but so far…

Multiple Dremel 3D4x are supported! Thank you very much!

We have updated printer detection part of the code.
This should solve the issue with multiple Dremels on single host machine.
Please update to version 7.2.4.
PS. In case if you are not familiar with 3DPrinterOS Client update routine:
The update button should appear in upper left corner of your client software UI.
Sometimes it takes some time.