RPi extensions in python

Would it be possible to implement an extension to run python code or control the print during process via python. I’ve a Flashforge Dreamer and I would like e.g. to pause the print remotely. But there is no API from 3Dprinteros or something similar, or didn’t I find that?
There would be so much new possibilities, like implementation of a bot, as telegram, or a flash forge dreamer missing end of filament function…and pausing the print.

Looks like you are want to create a plugin.
There is a plugin system in a 3DPrinterOS Client and it is working fine.
Unfortunately, it still lacks documentation, but you can always read the client’s code - its in Python and quite readable.
Unfortunately, in case if you need a Cloud’s API, you will have contact our sales first:

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Thanks Vladimir. I´m just starting to read the code.