"Revoke Admin" button broken

It is not currently possible to revoke admin status.
When you try to uncheck the box that marks a user as an admin, a dialogue box pops up and asks you to type “I_AM_SURE.” Once that is typed correctly, the “Revoke” button turns from gray to green. However, it is not clickable.
Then, when you close out the dialogue box, the user will appear to have been revoked (the admin check box is un-checked). However, upon refreshing the page, the user is actually still an admin and the check mark re-appears. I was able to reproduce this error on a different account and different machine.

Hello. Could you provide email from org account you are using to revoke admin role and the account’s email you a trying to revoke. Please report it as a ticket to help@3dprinteros.com.

Hello. It looks like NewUI bug. We will fix it ASAP.

The problem was fixed. Could you please recheck it? Thank you.

The problem was fixed, but now the new issue is that you cannot re-instate admin privileges. Clicking on the “admin” check-box turns it blue but you cannot select it.

Hello. We have released a fix. Could you check it now?