Prusa i3 with heated bed / custom printer


I have an Affinibot Prusa i3. The settings of the Profile Prusa i3 are not too bad, but an heated Bed is missing.

Can I change this?
Wouldn´t it be a good Idea to let the useres set up custom printers?

Kind regards

Hello beemeeup! I will notify the developers and this should be fixed by the end of the week. Also, I will notify them of your feature request.

“Prusa i3” have default settings for Heated bed.

Or what do you mean?


Oh,… now I found it too.

Another Question: Where can I change Filament Thicknes to 1.75 mm ??
Thank you!

I mean I want to change it permantly for that Printer and don´t want to do it for every Slice

Hey! You can create custom profiles! Just look through there, create a new one and set your filiment to 1.75

I found it. And it seems to work.

Maybe it would be great to rework the GUI here.
It would be great to have the possibilyts to Create different Printer and PLA Profiles.
It seems to be kind of mixed up at the moment. Or I am just on the wrong way how to use it.

Okay! If you have any feature requests, please let us know! Almost all of the features on 3dprinteros comes from the community!