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There are all kinds of different 3D Printers out there and each one is unique in its out way. You’re 3D printer is special and we want to help you with it. No matter what brand of printer you have or might be looking for, we want to hear about it. How is your printer working with 3DPrinterOS? What can we do better to help you with your printer? Don’t be shy, we can’t help unless you ask!

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Hi Charles;

Thank your the welcome, we want to implement 3DPrintersOS tech into our custom made 3d printer running on Repetier Firmware. Any suggestions?

Thx a lot !

Heading Successful print by Orange PI PC reported

Hello Charles.
I report successful print on CTC Y 5074 controlled by Orange pi PC with OS Ubuntu Vivid and 4core CPU based on arm processor H3.
I used yours deb package installed manually on it’s filesystem.
Print was without bugs and errors, Manual control via os joystick I not tried yet. It was slower due to 1024MB RAM.
I’m satisfied with it.

I’m new to 3D printers and having a difficult time choosing the best one. I looked at to check the most popular 3D printers. Most of them are good I think, but I don’t know which to choose. Can anyone help me with this?