Printer stuttering during print from 3dprinterOS

So I have a recent issue going on for the last few weeks I believe. It seems more prevalent in the evening, but when I send a print to my machines via the UI, it causes the printer to stutter. Not everytime, but enough that it’s causing problems. The right part in the photo is the same file and printer as the left, but the right was printed via sd card, and the right was printed via 3dprinterOS.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Could you please clarify for what printer type do you have this issue?
Do you have any recent printer’s firmware updates?
Could you please also share how do you slice the gcodes?

slice in simplify 3d or prusaslicer, doesn’t seem to change the behavior. Issue observed on both my prusa mk3s+ and lulzbot taz 5 machines, no recent firmware changes. using 7.9.0 image on my pi’s

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so happened again tonight on the taz 6. about half-way through the print, and somewhere around10-11pm, the machine started stuttering. like start stop, and a layer was taking 10x the amount of time as before.

Hello. Thank you. We are investigating this issue. We will provide an update here

Hello. We have released the latest client 7.9.14 which, as we are expecting, needs to solve this problem. Please give it a try.
For RPI based installation you will get an update automatically.

first tests look good. I’ll run again tonight to verify