Printer can't connect fully to cloud

I have taken home two Prusa MK3s from our digi lab since we have moved to fully remote teaching. The Prusas are connected to 3D Printer OS by raspberry pi. We have never had any problems with connecting them and using them with our students.

Now that I have brought them home I have changed the IP address by connecting them to my wifi. The printers are connected because I can view the pi cameras but it says that they are offline or they both sway between ‘error’ and ‘connecting’. Also the printers keep refreshing themselves every 3-5 minutes I believe because they are constantly reconnecting to the cloud.

I have checked everything from the outlets to using new raspberry pi’s and flashing new raspi images, it’s the same results.

Has anyone else had a similar problem or can help me figure out what I’m missing.

I am teaching a summer class and plan on having the kids send their creations to the printers and give them to them once school is back.

Please click the Report Problem button in the 3DPrinterOS Client and state the problem. That way the logs will be sent to the developers and they can take a look at it.
To report a problem from the RPI you would need to enter the IP address of the RPI in your internet browser and press the “Report Problem” button. You can find the IP address in
If that doesn’t work, add :8008 after the IP.

I’ve done that a few times. I’m guessing this wont be solved quickly enough for my classes. I will just have to use the SD cards until a solution is found.

Hello. Yes, we can see 2 problem reports. But they was sent from Windows PC, and you are talking about problems on connecting printers to RPI. Do you connecting printers to RPI or to Windows? If you are connecting printers to RPI, then you need to report problem from RPI’s 3DPrinterOS Client web interface (RPI’s IP in browser)