Print jobs going to queue instead to print

Currently, after slicing and hitting print, all jobs go directly into queue and getting hung up. There is no button to push in the “Print”. Beforehand, as soon as I hit print, my Dremel 3D40 Idea Printer will respond accordingly.

Thanks for the help!

Is the Dremel 3D40 on your account? Or is it shared to you?

Hey, this is because of open door or build tray is not clear. sometimes the printer shows just a first screen with Build, Level, etc buttons, when you click Build, you will see the popup that you need to click first before it thinks it has the empty build tray. Dremel will fix this in the following firmware releases.

This same issue is occurring on the Dremel 3D20 (Dremel Idea Builder) with the 20180417 firmware. It functions fine with the 2016 firmware, which unfortunately I cannot find. If anyone has a copy of the 2016 3D20 firmware so I can downgrade, I would really appreciate it. It is not available online.

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Hate to respond to an older issue, but I’m having the same issue with my 3D20. Are there any other threads on this topic? Has this issue been resolved?

Please click the Report Problem button in the 3DPrinterOS Client and state the problem. That way the logs will be sent to the developers and they can take a look at it.