Print File Backup

Hey guys,
I am in the process of setting up a number of 3D printers with Raspberry Pis and 3DPrinterOS on the Pis. Something I was wondering about, but have not come across yet has me wondering. Is there a built in way through 3DPrinterOS to send copies of projects to be printed to a “backup” drive, or is this potentially in the works for a later update/release of the software?
Thanks in advance for your time

What do you mean about “backup” drive? Can you describe it with more details? Currently you need to upload file to cloud and print it. We don’t store any files on RPI in secure reasons.

I am in the process of working with a few people at school to set up a rack of printers, each with it’s own Raspberry Pi. One of the things that an admin for the printers was inquiring about is the ability to store completed jobs on a separate machine or storage device that way if there is a print job that they particularly like, they don’t have to spend the time tracking down the original individual who created it. They would be able to just find the file and print it as soon as they needed to.

We have that functionality on the Educational License (Organization Archive). If you’re interested in that, please reach out to us: