PowerSpec Ultra Support

About a year ago requested support for this printer

It’s just a FlashForge Dreamer with different USB ID (rebrand of Dreamer sold by MicroCenter). Any chance we can get this supported?

We would need TeamViewer access to the 3D printer. Please add rene.oscar.ariko in Skype and I’ll put you in touch with our developers.

I’m also very interested in using 3DPrinterOS on my PowerSpec Ultra and am having the same issue with the printer not being recognized over USB.

Product ID: 0x00ff
Vendor ID: 0x2b71

I’ll be happy to provide any information you need.

It’s supported and working now. On mine I have issues where the printer “freezes” and stops talking to the Pi. Support suggested contacting PowerSpec but that’s probably not useful so trying with a new pi and USB cable (I think was maybe a voltage issue on the device) Anyway you might give it a try. I would just watch the prints because if it freezes and the heater is on there is nothing running to regulate it.

Running with new Pi and cable for 6 hours of printing with no issues like before so far.

Thank you u/greatjava! I’m finally getting around to setting this up. u/Oscar, thank you and your devs for this as well! I’m very excited to start getting all of this going.

For anyone else who has come across this and is having trouble getting your printer to sync, shut down 3DPrinterOS and your printer. Boot 3DPrinterOS back up, and then turn on your printer.