Order of Printers

Maybe I am missing the obvious, but there seems to be no way to specify the display order of printers, not on the printers tab, live view, or when you choose to slice an stl.

Manually setting the order of printers would be great, so we don’t have to scroll and hunt through the list every time we need to check a printer or send a job.

Setting the order of printers under slicing profiles is useful because if for example, we have 20 Dremel 3D45s doing the bulk of our work and we add 1 3D40 to the printer pool, the first slicer option is from the 3D40 because it is in alphanumeric order. This causes problems due to people not paying attention to what slicer profile they are using, but also if 99% of our prints are not using this profile, it is a wasted click/annoyance every print.

If I am missing where to specify this in the settings, please point me in the right direction.



This makes sense, we will add it to the development queue.

Thanks! Greatly appreciated! How about support interfaces for the cloud slicer, too? :slight_smile:

Are you referring to adding manual support capability for the cloud slicer?

No, just a better interface between supports and the part. Cloud slicer supports are very difficult to remove, so anything with supports I first slice in Cura and upload the gcode. I know I can use different slicing engines within 3DPrinterOS, but cloud slicer seems to be the easiest to set up and implement for a mass user base.

Cloud slicer’s quality is excellent otherwise.


I found the A-Z button on the printer tab. Thank you!

I’m still looking for a way to manually order the printer dropdown during gcode upload and cloud slicer settings.

I appreciate the progress!


“Printer Type” is the entry that needs to be able to be ordered manually. It’s available in the dropdown under printer settings. Perhaps something similar to the way slicing profiles can be ordered via numbers, or allow an alias to be created for that menu function in dropdowns.

Problem area 1:

Problem area 2;

You can use the ‘‘favorite printers’’ setting in the Organization Admin - Settings for that.

Awesome, and I also found the preferred order setting so I don’t have to hit the “alpha” button anymore. Thanks so much for all the hard work.

I tried out the favorites list and it worked great with uploading gcode; however, I did notice that in STL editor, the “favorite printers” are not used. So when I upload a *.stl it ignores favorites and defaults to the 3D40, and when you “save and slice” the printer is also 3D40. Let me know if I am missing something obvious somewhere. Thanks!

That is a good observation! We will add that functionality for the STL Editor and Magic Fix as well!