Offline Mode or is there a way to disable Cloud Login?

Not sure if this question has been posed before, but I’m a newbie with 3DPrinterOS and just created an account and loaded the raspberry pi image (generic) and was able to login. I have some questions and observations that I hope the team can answer:

  1. Is there an offline mode which this can be used with? Having a Cloud option is nice, but the area where I’m setting this up has no WAN access, so Cloud login is not going to work for me, I’m looking for a local-login to access the web interface.

  2. The “Generic Raspberry Pi” image’s login and password credentials should be STATED CLEARLY and NOT BURIED IN A FORUM POST. I was scratching my head trying to figure out how to log in through console (I have a local monitor attached to the Pi) and had to GOOGLE the answer since it wasn’t obvious where this information was.

  3. This is related to 2) above. I have a Kootek USB 2.0 dual-band WiFi dongle that doesn’t seem to work with this image. This was why I needed console access to go into raspi-config to config my wifi to no avail (no wifi interface detected). Not a deal breaker, I can drag an ethernet connection to my Pi or just get a Raspberry 3/4 to get the on-board wifi.

  4. Being that this is Cloud-based, and the login requires WAN-access, are any of the activities, telemetry, print, even images from the camera being transmitted and stored anywhere in 3DPrinterOS’s network or infrastructure? I have a security concern that may make 3DPrinterOS not useable and this question is related to item 1). Above.

  5. Is it possible to just disable the Cloud login? I can add a rule to my firewall to deny WAN access to my Pi, but this would break the login since the login credential check is off-site over WAN.