Need Advice: carbon fiber print problem

Hi, everyone!

This is my problem: When the printer starts printing it stop extruding. The filament stops. But it´s not due to obstruction or because the extruder has stopped.

I have already tried this:

  • Clear the extruder and the nozzle
  • Reduce printing speed (to 54 mm/s)
  • Check that there´s no nozzle obstruction
  • Adjust bed leveling and Z-set
  • Adjust the extruder screw
  • Check that the extruder isn´t worn
  • Adjust the temperature (220°C)

What else can I do? Please… Help!!

Thanks Thanks Thanks

NOTE: I am using a Dowell 3D printer with a stainless steel nozzle (1.6) and I am new

  1. Check for slipping extruder gear, the extruder drive gear could be worn or slipping on the filament. Clean the gear, check for debris, and replace if damaged.
  2. Increase the extruder tension, slightly tighten the extruder spring to increase tension on the filament and improve grip. But don’t overtighten!!!
  3. Try different carbon fiber filament, a bad spool of filament could be the issue. Swap in a different brand and see if the problem persists.
  4. Update firmware, outdated firmware can cause print issues. Update to the latest firmware from the manufacturer.
    Hope that helpful!