Mbot Grid 2+ Firmware update problem fixing

Some time ago we decided to update the MBot Grid II+ firmware.
After following instructions on the manufacturers site, we get glowing
screen,(it was only glowing with no writings on it, but buttons still
were usable) ReplicatorG was trying to get bed temperature (which is not heated in
this model at all) and invalid extruder temperature.
After Googling for a while newer version of firmware was found
https://github.com/MBot3D/MBotFirmware/tree/master/Firmware%20for%20Grid2%2B/firmware7.7 .
It has to be compiled for “mighty_one-2560” platform.
After that you will get “.hex” file and will need to switch it with the
“.hex” that you upload on your board with the ReplicatorG
Than begins the fun process of pushing “reset” button on the board and “upload” in the program in the same time.
After that printer began to work for us.