Makergear M3 SE stopped connecting to 3DPrinterOS


I currently inherited a department that has several Makergear M3 SE printers that stopped being able to connect to 3DPrinterOS a few months ago after working fine before then. All of them stopped communicating at the same time. They are currently running Octopi 1.3.6. and have the Octoprint-3DPrinterOS (0.1.12) plugin installed to be able to connect to 3DPrinterOS. I am looking for any advice to get these up and running again. Thank you.


  1. Is it same when you restart the printer?
  2. Are you able to see 3DPrinterOS Plugin in Settings? Could you provide a screenshot of that section?
  3. If you have no 3DPrinterOS plugin section in Settings, could you try to reinstall the plugin with the same procedure (
  4. Additionally could you get and send to us ( octoprint.log file from Settings -> Logs section
  1. Yes, same issue after I’ve restarted the printer.
  2. I can see it and screenshots are provided. I can only add one screenshot. Let me know if it’s a different screen you are talkig about.
  3. reinstalling the plug in didn’t help. It we try to manually add a printer it connects and auto disconnects over and over again.