Makerbot Replicator not recognized at all

I’ve read about not having the services running but it is not recognized under OSX or the Raspberry Pi.

Please help!

Hello Fcsb,
Is your image updated for your raspberry pi/computer? What kind of pi/computer are you using?

I’ve downloaded the image today so I assume it is the latest version. It’s the raspberry Pi B+ 2 but I was also trying it on OSX.

Okay, This sounds like a problem with the printer. Can you opearte the makerbot with their own software? What version of makerbot is it? Replicator 1, 2, 5 series?

Well we just got these in yesterday. We actually tried using both and yes they print with the makerbot desktop software via sub. They are replicator 5 models.

Alright, I will need to confirm this, but I dont think we have support for the Makerbot 5th Gen printers (yet)
Il get a reply to you in a couple days on this.