Less download for Pi, easier Linux installation procedure for Pro users is coming!

As soon as currently the official procedure is deb package installation on Ubuntu. We are preparing few other possibilities to install 3DPrinterOS cloud client on other Linux distributions, which require more steps, but less downloading volume and possibly would be more convenient for pro/geek users. Will post the links to how-tos soon!

Here is a guide to install/“build” 3DPrinterOS cloud client on a bare Linux or any other officially not/yet supported platforms.
Please follow up in the forum whether you managed to run it on other interesting platforms!

Install 3DPrinterOS Cloud Client on Clean RPI / Linux

Good to do the update first

apt-get update

To be sure latest python-opencv version is used

apt-get upgrade

Install dependencies

apt-get install unzip zip python2.7 python-opencv python-numpy libusb-1.0-0 xterm cython python-dev gcc

Delete client old version and create new folder

rm -fr ~/3dprinteros-client
mkdir ~/3dprinteros-client
cd ~/3dprinteros-client

Download 3DPrinterOS cloud client fresh build

wget -O client.zip https://files1.3dprinteros.com/builds/rpi/3DPrinterOS_Client_build_242_revision_51faf9ba3add6295ca7b45b58644fade9b557cda.zip

Unpack client

unzip client.zip -d ~/3dprinteros-client
rm -fr client.zip

Compile Printrun library for performance

python compile_gcoder_line.py build_ext --inplace
rm -f compile_gcoder_line.py

Launch client

python app.py

We recommend to use nohup to launch the cloud client in the background mode

nohup python app.py > /dev/null 2>&1 &

Sign in to cloud from command line

curl -s --data "login=YOUR_EMAIL&password=YOUR_PASSWORD" | grep "<p>" | sed -r "s/.*<p>(.*)<\/p>.*/\1/" 

Be sure to change YOUR_EMAIL and YOUR_PASSWORD to your credentials

If you see the message “Login successful!

Processing…” you are ready to go!

To logout from cloud and sign in again, just send:

curl -s --data "" | grep "<p>" | sed -r "s/.*<p>(.*)<\/p>.*/\1/" 

then restart the cloud client and now you can sign in with different credentials

to stop the cloud client from command line

killall python

to force stop the cloud client from command line

killall -9 python

Hello. Here is a small update for Beta client (python 3 is required).
If you would like to use your RPI’s image then you will need to download the latest Beta client from https://cloud.3dprinteros.com/#/download (Beta -> Zip Archive)
Then you will need to copy it using SCP to RPI, and using SSH extract it to some directory. Then go to that directory using “cd”. And run the next:
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
After that you will need to be able to run the client with:
python3 launcher.py