Is this for me?


I have two printers today and in a few weeks time I will have four.
My lineup will be as following: Original Prusa i3 MK2 Multi Material (BETA testing), gCreate gMax 1.5+, Cetus3D Extended, Formlabs Form 2.

Today Im running two Raspberrys, one for each printer and I’m running octopi on them which works GREAT, and I have one webcam up for each, which makes it possible for me to send my streams to a website as well.

Ive searched for a system with allows me to control multiply printers from ONE computer, and I found this!
I’ve installed 3DSystemOS onto one of my Raspberrys, and I’ve connected my Prusa and my gMax. The Prusa isnt recognized at all, but the gMax is, although I can only choose like General Marlin as preset for it.

This is how far I’ve come so far, will I in a short period of time be able to control all my three FDM printers? (the Form2 will probably always need Preform to print). .

I’ve filled in the form for both the Prusa, the gMax and the Cetus3D extended.

great, we will add your printers to the system. it is important that you enter USB VID and PID in the integration form.