Is FlashForge Inventor II really supported?

I see that the FlashForge Inventor II is on the supported printer list, but I’ve just not been able to get my Inventor IIs (which is the same as the II with the addition of a camera) to print from 3DPrinterOS. Any time I attempt to print a job, this is what I get in the log:

[02:01 20.02.2019] Starting job on “Flashforge Inventor IIs” - “FF_INVENTOR2” with design “Professor McDuckley.gcode”
[02:01 20.02.2019] Printer status changed: from idle to downloading
[02:01 20.02.2019] 3DPrinterOS Streaming started
[02:01 20.02.2019] Software version: 6.0.16
[02:01 20.02.2019] Printing now…
[02:01 20.02.2019] Printer error: 602 : Transfer to printer failed
[02:01 20.02.2019] Printer status changed: from downloading to error
[02:01 20.02.2019] This printing job failed due to errors above.

Is there some additional configuration step that’s required to make this work?