How to update 3DPrinterOS Client

Updating client guide

From 4.1.8 version of 3DPrinterOS, the client has ability to update when a new version is available. Here is the guide how to update client on different platforms.

When updates are available on main page of 3DPrinterOS client the button “Get updates” appears.
So to update:

Press “Get updates”

  1. On the next page press " Get updates"

  2. Wait for a few seconds - after that, this message appears.

Also you can just get a new install package from by clicking ‘‘Install’’

You can update your 3DPrinterOS client by downloading lastest deb-package from and clicking ‘‘Install’’.

Also you can update from 3DPrinterOS repository.
For that you need:

  • Run terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T or from programs menu)
  • Login as root. Execute “sudo su” in terminal
  • Execute commands:

Only first time!

wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add -
echo "deb all main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list

And then:

apt-get update
apt-get install 3dprinteros-client

And then you will have lastest version of 3DPrinterOS client!

Here is the guide how to update client on RPi. Also you can update from repository the same way as on Ubuntu.

MacOS X:
Updating client for MacOS X is unavailable because of Apple policy. So the only way to update is to download a new package from

I am on MacOS and I see this when I go to the Printers tab:

Please download and update to the latest (5.8.3) version of Cloud Client.
Your current version 5.8.0 might be outdated.

But I cannot find a link or any place where I can actually download the software for Mac. I go to as the forum entry says but there is no clear “Download” button or link anywhere.

Where is the client software for mac?



Hey capibara, First you go to the printers tab, then you will see a little button in the top right corner that says Install, with a little printer icon on it. Click that and choose your OS, in you case, OSX

For Ubuntu and RPi, the apt-get feeds only have the main builds, can you also publish the development builds so we can test them our without having to download and burn new images?