How to set up 3DPrinterOS EasyBox

Congrats on purchasing a 3DPrinterOS EasyBox!

Now it’s time to get started with using 3DPrinterOS.

In your EasyBox package you should have received an ethernet cord, a Raspberry Pi 3 preloaded with 3DPrinterOS synced to your account, a raspberry pi 3 power supply and a genius widecam.

  1. To get started with the EasyBox, please plug in the Raspberry Pi 3 and power supply to the wall, and then connect the Pi 3 to the internet via the included Ethernet cable.

  2. Next please plug your 3D printer’s usb cable into the EasyBox as well and make sure your printer is turned on.

  3. After that if you would like to use the camera, connect that to the Pi 3 as well and point at the desired location on your 3D printer.

  4. Now that your Pi 3 is turned on and connected to the internet and your 3D printer is connected and turned on as well. Navigate to

  5. Log in using your 3DPrinterOS credentials.

    If you bought a EasyBox and had not made an account as of yet, please use the credentials that were emailed to you. If you have any issues locating that email, let us know at and we can reissue it.

  6. Navigate to your “Printers” tab in 3DPrinterOS and you should see your 3D printer awaiting selection.

  7. Click the Tools Button —> Printer Settings

  8. Choose your 3D printer type and click save.

  9. Now your EasyBox and 3D printer are ready to go!

For those that want to set up Wifi on the EasyBox, you can use this guide for instruction: