How to select printer type

After you have connected a 3D-printer to your PC and launched our Client, you may get stuck with such type of message.

That means the 3D printer has successfully identified in 3DPrinterOS system, but because of wide variety of printers may have same boards and firmwares while having different technical characteristics, sometimes we cannot identify the exact type of the printer without your help. This is very important because wrong settings may fail your print or even damage the printer! In that case you should choose the type manually. To do that, log in to your account at while the application is running, you should see your undefined printer in the list. Click on the ‘Tools’ button highlighted on the screenshot below.
Then select ‘‘Printer Settings’’

The printer section will expand with some settings. You can name your printer here, and the most important part - choose your printer type from the dropdown list, and hit ‘Save’.

After that, the settings will collapse and your printer will appear with status offline. But don’t worry.

Give it a few seconds, while settings will load to your running application and it will connect your printer to 3DPrinterOS system. After 5-10 seconds printer should change it status to ready at website and your PC, and that’s it, you are ready for printing!

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My Printer is in idle state, how do I bring it back to active/ready state

The IDLE state is the printer ready state.

I am unable to select the Printer to run a print although is connected and read

Are you sure you sliced the file for the right printer?

YEs, I am. Unless Robo3D R1 is different from R1+

hi, printer type should match precisely, please select in printer settings on a printer page Robo3D R1 instead of R1+, and try printing again.

I followed the guide and my printer type is not shown. I am able to add the correct printer with the “Add Printer” button, but then it just shows that it’s offline and waiting to be connected. Meanwhile, the printer that it actually detected only shows a couple options like “Generic Marlin” and “Prusa i3”. (trying to connect a Creality CR-10)

Hello. It looks like printer you have has other VID:PID that we are using for Creality CR-10. We have added your VID:PID to our list. You can try to select Creality CR-10 from the list now.