How to directly control printer (i.e. send g-code commands)?

I’ve been using OctoPrint andthought I’d give 3DPrinterOS a try. I often need to send g-code directly to the printer (set z-axis offset). I don’t see anywhere to do this in 3DPrinterOS - is there a way to open up a terminal or send a g-code command?



Hey there!

You can do this with our console application. It can be found in your “Printers” tab. We will be adding Joystick soon as well.

This is where the application is located:

This is what the application looks like while open:

It should work with almost all the printers we currently support, if you have any issues please let us know!

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found a problem i am using a printrbot 1405 when i send the M501 command over the console i dont get anything in return.
trying to calibrate the z axis…

There isn’t a way to return a response from our side. The problem is that the client continuously sends commands to the printer and responses to the user aren’t clear.