FormLab 3 Printer

I know the FormLab 3 printers are still in Beta for 3DprinterOS but what is the best way to add one? When I go to add it like any other printer we have, it says no printer detected. Any help would be great.

We haven’t updated the connection guide yet, but essentially it’s the same as the Makerbot 5th Gen printers.

Here is the walkthrough -

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Thanks! So they have to be connect this way instead of USB. Thanks!

Here is the error I am getting.

Thanks Mike.

Could you Report the Problem please?

Sure. I will do that right now.

Is there any update on this?

Hello. As I can see you would like to connect Form 3L printer. This printer type is currently not supported by Cloud (currently it was prepared only for Form 2 or 3 printers). We are going to add it ASAP. We will inform when it will be available

oh thanks! I thought the 3L and 3 were the same haha :smiley: