Flashforge Dreamer

Hi there, does someone know why prints longer than 20 min can´t be downloaded to a flashforge dreamer? The connection itself stays most of the times, sometimes printer reboots…it seems to have a bug, or? I would love to have this feature to work remotely. I could use the filament consumption and so on.

Hello. Do you have this issue only on Beta client or on development/stable client too?

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Hi, i´ve only tried it on the latest I´m pretty new with 3DPrinterOS…Should i try it with a stable version?

I´m downloading it…and i´ll test it tomorrow…got still a print running.

As I know we have printing Dreamers on stable/development client now. So the problem could be connected with current beta client (7.2.7 and older). It is still in development and active testing. If you need to work with printer right now you can switch to dev/stable client. In other way we could try to debug problem of the beta client and FF Dreamer together if you wish.

I wrote you a PN…i don´t want to fill up the support forum like a chat :slight_smile: