Filament Color - more color option than just one

Hi there
I just started today with 3DPrinterOS after several fails with other softwares. It is heaven!
A little addition that I would love to have and it is so easy for you to implement.
As I need for work the multimaterial upgrade from prusa, I never know from my desk which machine is filled with which colors in the other room. I have a table at each machine but you have the solution (almost done). You added successfully the option to add material and color to each printer. Could you improve that we can choose more than one color and material per printer?
This would be also helpful for the people that use the palette.

Sorry to be a pain on the first day but…
I can enter the material and color but it’s not visible on the printer overview.
How about this?

No worries! Thank you for reaching out.

For now, you can specify different colors in the Printer Notes by using emojis. For example: :ledger::closed_book::green_book::blue_book::orange_book:
It’s possible that we will add a functionality like this in the future.