Error 260: already printing

This error happens to both my Lulzbot Taz 6 and Lulzbot Mini 1. Any time a job is manually canceled through the 3dprinteros interface, attempting to start a subsequent job will show the following error,

> Printer error: 260 : Error: already printing - unable to start a new print

The only way around it that I’ve been able to find is to reboot the Raspberry Pi that’s connected to the printer. Rebooting the printer itself has no effect. This has been a consistent error for over a year, across many versions of 3Dprinteros, on various different Raspberry Pi’s, but currently a RPi 3 running 3dprinteros 7.3.15. The Taz6 is running Marlin

Has anyone else seen this and are there any workarounds besides rebooting the Pi?

I experience the same with my prusa printers. I plug out the usb cable that connects printer and pi and put it in again. this solves the issue but yes, this is annoying.