Dremel Slicer program sabotaging a print.. maybe?

So here are the specifics. I just bought a Dremel 3D20 on sale from Amazon, and have been very happy with it. I’m in learning mode. I’ve had big success with purchased STL files from Bombshell miniatures, and free STLs downloaded from Thingiverse, for the most part.

However, this file, I’ve experienced nothing but hassles with:

For starters, it’s a collection of tiny ship models. I can’t go to my default editor (Tinkercad) because each file is over 25m for some reason, and Tinkercad doesn’t like big files. So I imported them all into Dremel’s slicer program.
I broke the files up into a chinese force (8 ships) and a Japanese force (8 ships). I managed to select all the files and save it as a binary AND ascii STL file. Either one of these will load okay in the Cloud print program for Dremel. However, the method I use to convert STLs to Dremel’s proprietary file format is to Load it to the Cloud, FIX it, then SLICE it. I can load STL files from their slicer program into the Dremel cloud print, but I can’t FIX it and I can’t SLICE it either. It errors out. Any idea how to work this? I could use any advice you can give, I’d love to print the files. Any suggestions would be nice.