Computer & Printer setup

Hi there,

Can anyone advise me on an ultimate printer & computer setup?

I’d like to control about 20 - 30 printers, mostly Ultimaker 2 and 3 variants from a single device.
I was thinking of hooking them all to this one laptop, an i3 core Linux laptop, but maybe that’s asking too much.

Maybe a setup where multiple raspberry or arduino devices control a few devices that then go to a main pc?
Does that require multiple users then?

Thanks for the reply in advance.


The best way would probably be Raspberry Pi 3s + cameras per machine.
That doesn’t require multiple users.

Hey Oscar,

Isn’t one RPi per machine a bit much? Surely the RPi can easily handle multiple machines?

We recommend one 3D printer and camera per PI, since the camera takes more resources.
However it is possible to use more than one 3D printer per Pi.

I’ve tested running 6 3D printers from one Raspberry Pi 3 without any issues. I did not have any cameras set up though.