Can't send same gcode more than 1x

In my current setup, which has a Lulzbot TAZ 5 attached to a RP2 running the 3DPrinterOS client. if I cancel a print, and then try to send it again, the printer is stalled. I have to delete the gcode file, then re-slice it and then I can send it to the printer for a second try. While not terrible, but definitely inconvienent, it does make the ‘stats’ feature pretty useless.

Hey Michael,

That’s not how it’s supposed to work! You should be able to resend any gcode file over and over without having to reslice it. Let us look into this issue and will update and close topic when we have resolution.


Hey Michael,

In between canceling print jobs and sending new files to the same printer, please wait approx. 30 seconds to let any commands in queue be finished up.

The printer should reappear as idle and be good to go for using than!