Can't remove deleted printer from workgroup

I have 3 printrbots connected to raspberry pis. I recently did a shuffle of the printerbots, but left the raspberry pi’s in place and then I renamed one of printrbots. After doing this I needed to update my workgroups to use the correct printers. However, I seem to have one printer stranded (Printer ID: 34190). It is part of a workgroup, but it is no longer listed as one of my workgroup printers so I can’t remove it from the workgroup and it isn’t in my active/inactive printer listing. However, the kids who are using the workgroup code are all seeing it as a printer that they can queue to. So that printer is accumulating print jobs that I can’t see in my print queue. I can, however see the queued jobs for that printer in My Organizational History tab, but I can’t manage (move) them to a different printer queue from there.

The stranded printer id is Printer ID: 34190. I would love some help dealing with this.

Hello. It looks like you have deleted printer on your account.

We have restore it so you can check and move jobs from it. For correct printer deleting please remove it from all workgroups and only then use delete printer button. Alternatively you can use DELETE button on page (it removes printer from all workgroups and delete it correctly)