Add local functions for RPi

I would like to be able to have the following functions available on my RPi hosts:

  1. Start Next Print in Queue button.
    Add a physcal button to the RPI via GPIO pins then; Pressing this button would start the next print job in the queue or resume the current print if paused.
  2. Automatic detection of filament run-out
    Add a switch to the RPi via GPIO pins and when the switch is triggered, pause the print.
  3. Print Status indicator LED
    Add an LED to the RPI via GPIO pins and change the color/flash when the printer status has changed from Idle, Heating, Printing, Paused, or Error.

I would add these myself and create a PR, however I can no longer find a current 3DPrinterOS-Client git repo.

Hi Michael, I am happy to give you access to our repository. Please ping me in skype, my SkypeID: antonvedeshin