3DPrinterOS - Version 5.8.7 Available Now ( With Change Logs )

Greetings 3DPrinterOS Community,

The latest version of our cloud client is now available for download!

If you have not done so already, navigate to the [Printers Tab][1] and click the Install button for the latest release version 5.8.7.

3DPrinterOS release notes 5.8.7

- Fixed a bug where the ''user_settings.json'' is not updated with the newest settings occasionally
- Log rotation reimplemented
  • Fix a bug on Makerbots - printer not homing upon cancelling.
  • Refactoring connection waiting of http client network
  • Added license header to five new files
  • Added .DS_Store and Thumbs.db files to CloudSync ignore list
  • Fixed CloudSync buttons placing
  • Fixed sending wrong terminate signals to subprocesses on Windows
  • Fixed duplicate USBIDs(same VID, PID and serial number)
  • Async_sender renamed to threaded_sender
  • SerialConnection class moved from threaded_sender to separate module
  • Added Registration button to login page
  • Added a warning for printers with the same serial number and VID/PID.
  • Fixed incorrect unicode problem report sending
  • Added a tip for restore default settings button
  • Fixed processing long web-interface handler closing
  • Tutorial wizard on start implemented
    [1]: http://cloud.3dprinteros.com/printing/