3DPrinterOS - Version 5.8.6 Available Now(With Change Logs)

Greetings 3DPrinterOS Community,

The latest version of our cloud client is now available for download!

If you have not done so already, navigate to the Printers Tab and click the Install button for the latest release version 5.8.6.

Here are the change logs for our past few releases:

3DPrinterOS release notes 5.8.6

Added application protection for multi-launching when installing update
Added protection for crashing, when trying to start tray icon process on RPi
Improvements for HD camera


Fix for numerous problems with user settings causing crashes
Fix for potential updater when package is partially unpacked with an error
Fix for potential problems caused by importing updater.py into launcher.py
Tray icon status and warning popups(for Linux using PyGTK)
Added better formatting to user_settings.json instead of one huge line
Fix for a camera module crash on start bug
Updates are now downloaded to user folder instead of app folder
Platform aliases for server side are changed to be better looking
Camera switch to current mode crash fixed
Linux groups adding with gksu implemented
Console login script implemented
Fixed identical logging message spam when app waits for action
Added a tip when pointing printer's serial number in web-interface
Toggling CloudSync from web interface by button implemented

I was trying to find information regarding this release in the Github repository but it seems that is not in sync with the production shipping version of 3dprinteros-client. Is the source kept somewhere else?

We have client version 5.8.1 on Github. We will update it to the latest version in the near future.