3DPrinterOS - Cloud Updates ( Latest 03.12.15 )

Here you can find the latest updates for our cloud: http://cloud.3dprinteros.com

Update - 13.11.15

Overall improvements:
1.You’re now able to write specific printer’s notes, for example filament colour etc.

When you click that, this will pop up and you can write valuable information about the printer.

  1. Clicking CANCEL to a print job prompts a report, so that system admins could collect data.

For Premium Users:
You can now move print jobs between similar printers:

This way you can switch jobs easily, when needed.

We will post updates to this topic every time there’s a new release.

Here you can find the latest updates for our cloud:

Update - 02.12.15

  1. Restart logic for universities. Gives the opportunity to restart prints without having access to the file.

  2. Cancelling the print popup modifications:
    a). After cancelling, a popup with the agreement YES or NO will appear. Then a popup with the reasons for cancelling.
    b). Added the report for job cancelling.

  3. Added another report - List Of Users in Organisation

  4. Fixed application popups in My Files - each application has to be visible.

  5. License popup will appear on the 7th login

  6. Fixed slicing conversion bug (B-644)

  7. Improved STL Editor & Toolpath Viewer