3D45 Fan Settings

As I understand it, the Dremel 3D45 has three fans:

  • Cooling Fan - helps cool the extruder head
  • Turbo Fan - cools the part as it’s printing
  • Exhaust Fan - pulls air out of the enclosed container through the carbon filter.

What I don’t understand is how to change the fan speeds.

My assumptions:

  • Cooling fan: not changeable?
  • Turbo Fan: is this set in the slicer?
  • Exhaust Fan: ???

All of my prints so far have been with Dremel ECO-ABS, and the exhaust fan was running full speed. This is OK, but the exhaust fan accounts for the majority of the printer noise. Yesterday I tried Dremel PETG, and I suddenly realized that the exhaust fan speed was reduced, making the printer much much quieter.

So basically I’m confused - there are three fans, and I’m not sure which ones can be controlled, and there are several settings that may (or may not) control them:

  • Dremel 3D45 settings / Filament / Filament Settings / Fan Speed : ranges from 0 to 100%

  • Dremel 3D45 settings / Tools / Settins / Adv Mode / Prioritize G-Code Settings which say it “will set the printer to always use the print settings included in the print file.”

  • 3DPrinterOS: Slice / Advanced / Temperature & Cooling has some fan settings:

  1. Cooling fan: on/off checkbox
  2. Fan speed min(%) - defaults to 100, but the edit field is disabled so I can’t edit it.
  3. Fan speed max(%) - defaults to 100
  4. Fan full on height(mm)

Image showing how the Fan Speed Min(%) value is disabled: