3d printeros asks for license


For some time I am using 3dprinteros and it always asked me to upgrade my license, because without license I had no support but what was delivered through this forum.

But now I got the message: upgrade license or sign out.

I could not find anything about this, is there anyone that knows something about this?


Dear Maurice,
Some time ago, 3DPrinterOS became a 100% paid service without a free tier.

As a result, you now have two options - buy a license for the corresponding number of printers you are using or stop using 3DPrinterOS.

Sorry to say that.


oh, wow, great communication about it too…
this is why I hate cloud services, when there is a free option they always kill it off after some time to force you in a overpriced subscription for just a couple of print hours a month…

Just lost my faith is cloud services again, thank you very much 3dprinteros…