Uploading Cura Gcode

I am working on testing some supports and sliced an object in Cura. When uploading the file I get an error saying “wrong file.” Am I missing a step? Did I export it from Cura wrong? Here is the App Log:

[2015-09-23 14:55:33] Workflow started
[14:55 23.09.2015] distributorThread(job_id: 145533) -> : Welcome on board, Maker!
[14:55 23.09.2015] distributorThread(job_id: 145533) -> : 3DPrinterOS system is ready
[14:55 23.09.2015] distributorThread(job_id: 145533) -> : Now I am checking all available operations for this job…
[14:55 23.09.2015] distributorThread(job_id: 145533) -> : Number of 3D apps to run: 1 and data: Array
[0] => Array
[id] => 211611
[workflow_id] => 145572
[application_id] => 15
[position] => 1
[app_settings] => {“file_id”:91810,“printer_type_id”:“1”}
[name] => GCodeCheck


[14:55 23.09.2015] distributorThread(job_id: 145533) -> : Input: 91810
[14:55 23.09.2015] distributorThread(job_id: 145533) -> : Trying to start application: GCodeCheck
[14:55 23.09.2015] distributorThread(job_id: 145533) -> : Start gcodecheck input_file_id: 91810
[14:55 23.09.2015] distributorThread(job_id: 145533) -> : GCodeChecker input file path: 91810.gcode
[14:55 23.09.2015] GCode Checker(job_id: 145533) -> : GCode is not valid
line 29: G0
[14:55 23.09.2015] distributorThread(job_id: 145533) -> : GCodeChecker is Failed
[14:55 23.09.2015] distributorThread(job_id: 145533) -> : Application: GCodeCheck quit with errors. Failed.
[14:55 23.09.2015] distributorThread(job_id: 145533) -> :
[14:55 23.09.2015] distributorThread(job_id: 145533) -> : here

Hey! Screenshots will be very helpful. Are you uploading a .gcode file? What does 3dprinteros show the file as when its uploaded? Does it even upload?

Everything seems fine when it uploads. When I choose my printer type and and hit “Apply and Go to my Files,” the file processes and then I get the error below.

Try Slic3r, If it does not work then there is a bug here.

I get the same error when uploading Gcode from slic3r.

Attempted to try uploading my Gcode again. This time it does say ready, but I get a yellow warning that when moused over says “GCodeCheck: fail”

Attempted to print the file, got the following error:
[15:31 30.09.2015] Job added to printing queue by user: tuckerkm@alfredstate.edu
[15:31 30.09.2015] Job with ID: 40446 was added to printing queue of printer ID: 31925
[15:31 30.09.2015] Printer status changed: from idle to downloading
[15:31 30.09.2015] 3DPrinterOS Streaming started
[15:31 30.09.2015] Printing now…
[15:31 30.09.2015] Printer error: 303 : Makerbot can’t continue because of: Command: M127
MissingCode: last_extra_index
Suggestion: This gcode command is not valid for makerbot_driver
LineNumber: 8
[15:31 30.09.2015] This printing job failed due to errors above.
Please try printing agan (depending on the error please power cycle the printer, 3DPrinterOS software and check that USB cable is <1.5m length and has screening and filters), if still does not work please contact 3DPrinterOS support team.

Hey, Have you set cura or slic3r to the Makerbot settings?

That was the first thing I checked.

Am I missing something?

Hi, tuckerkm.

Could you send this gcode to me?

Sergey Brezetskiy,
Software engineer, 3DPrinterOS

Makerbot driver not supported Gcodes from Cura.
Cura slice gcodes for OLD makerbot printers (not The Replicator for example).

Please use own slicer, because we use Cura and we fixing gcodes for stable print in R2.

I am not sure what you mean. So I cannot use a different program to slice my objects and then upload them to 3DprinterOS for printing with a Replicator 2 or 2X? That is rather disappointing considering the issues I am having with supports and inconsistent print speeds.

You can. But unfortunately Cura by default make G-codes(even thought you chose MakerBot type) sliced with G0 which is not supported in new MakerBot printers like R2 or R2X. Our slicer is same Cura but we fixed that issue.