Unexpected error 129 when connecting to my Replicator Z18


when I try to connect my MakerBot Z18 to the client, it recognizes it as Z18, but cannot connect (error 129). I am quite sure the background services are stopped, at least MB Desktop reports them as unavailable.

A forum post from last year said the 5th generation is not yet supported, but since you list it on the list of supported machines, I thought I’d try it anyway.

Any suggestions?


Thank you for bringing this up.
5th generation Makerbots are supported only as network printers & USB mode is not supported.
You can slice your .gcodes in Makerware, then upload them to 3DPrinterOS and stream them.
I hope this helps.

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Where can I find how to set up a network printer?

Watch this walkthrough:

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Yeah, that video only shows how to connect a USB printer. The “network printer” is neither shown, nor mentioned in any way. Do you have any kind of documentation how to connect a printer via network?

Any suggestions besides “watch the standard 5 min tutorial”?

There was a bug in the printer’s profile.
We had it fixed.
Z18 should work in network mode now.
If you’re still experiencing issues, please report the problem as described in this walkthrough:

How to connect to the Makerbot 5th gen:

  • connect the printer to the same wifi, where are you
  • disable firewall and antivirus on your PC (if you have one)
  • In 3DPrinterOS client click on “network detector”

Makerbot 5th gen isn’t supported through USB & we don’t support slicing profiles