Ulti gcode support?

Hey, i started using 3D Printer OS yesterday and it is working fine, uploaded and sliced .STL file from the cloud and it printed fine on an Ultimaker printer (2 Extended +).
I then tried to slice the file myself using Cura 15.04.5, saving Gcode (Ulti Gcode) and then uploading it to 3D Printer OS.
When i uploaded the file i had the possibility to precise the kind of gcode it was so i selected Ulti Gcode but when started the print, on the same printer, there was no starting pattern (heating bed, heating nozzle, extruding some filament …) and the nozzle moved right to the center of the bed and started printing but nothing came out of the nozzle.

Is this because Ulti Gcode isn’t fully supported and if yes do you plan to support it ?


Hey, we do have an in-house initiative for UltiGcode printing support over USB, however due to lack of community interest this was frozen. If you feel that there is a need, lets chat over skype: antonvedeshin, and I can hand over current R&D guide/version for tests.