Simplify3D Exported Makerbot Replicator 2x gCode Issue

I exported a gCode file from Simplify3D and imported that into 3DPrinterOS. The file imported just fine but, when I clicked on the toolpath viewer it renders the file off of the build plate instead of centered. Any recommendations?


Sometimes it is the case when you select a wrong printer type in Simplify3D and it looks off the build tray, as Makerbot has different 0.0 coordinate compared to Marlin printers. Be sure to select the right firmware from Simplify3D Tools -> Firmware configuration -> Select profile -> Makerbot / Sailfish Firmware.

Thanks for the reply,

The firmware selection within Simplify3D is set to Makerbot/Sailfish.



we are checking this issue

Been a while. Any progress on figuring this issue out?

I’m running into the same issue. Out of curiosity, I tried printing it and it wouldn’t print. Any help would be great.

Hey, please send the gcodes you are trying to print. My SkypeID: antonvedeshin