Raspberry pi printer drops offline after every print


I’ve been having a problem with my 3dprinteros system. Every time I finish a print / cancel a print, my printer connected through raspberry pi goes offline. I’ve tried rebooting several times, and rebooting the entire system in different sequences, and I can’t seem to get it back online, I’ve also tried re-seating the SD card into the raspberry pi.

The few times I’ve gotten it back online required a re-flash of the image, and installation of the image in order to get the printer online for a single print, and then the next print goes offline.

The printer appears online from my router, but I can’t ssh into it with the given user/password that was sent in the email with the image.

A bit more information: This is on version 7.2.6, with a raspberry pi 4. The weird part is that initially, the setup worked well. After a week or two, I started getting printer offline repeatedly until it required a full flash to get it back online.


Unfortunately, provided information in not sufficient for debug.
Please, replicate the bug and use Report Problem button in the 3DPrinterOS Client’s WebUI.
This way we will get the logs.

It seems like updating to 7.2.7 seems to have fixed the problem for now.

I am having the same problem on 7.2.7 beta raspberry pi image. As soon as a print is cancelled it kills the connection to the printer for good. No amount of printer power cycles or pi power cycles will bring the connection back online.

Last week I was able to cancel prints and bring the printer back online via a power cycle of the printer. Now I can’t bring it online at all. I was hoping to have a little bit more elegant handling of print cancellation than having to power cycle every time. Now I can’t even use the system.

I can’t reproduce the bug if the printer won’t come back online.

Unfortunately without the logs there is not enough data to debug.

Please replicate the bug, wait wait around 20 minutes for SD card’s cache to write data physically.
Then reboot RPi(by unplugging the power cable) and use Report problem in local WebUI.
By doing this, you will unload the logs to the cloud.

By the way what is the printer model?
Could it be a Printrbot and with Generic Marlin profile.
Printrbot’s firmware and Marlin firmware are not 100% compatible - this will produce exactly same symptoms.
But we can always create a profile for your printer.